Key Contacts

Welcome! Meet our friendly, knowledgeable crew and staff at Boscobel Utilities.

Perhaps you recognize some of us from a visit to our office or from seeing us in our trucks around town.

 Or, you may have run into us out and about in the community.


Director of Public Works, Mike Reynolds Utility Clerk, Ellen Bushee
Mike Reynolds, DPW
(608) 375-5030
Ellen Bushee, Utility Clerk
(608) 375-5002



Utility Supervisor, Rick Ritter Lineman, Jason Hurda Lineman, Cory Murphy
Rick Ritter, Utility Supervisor
(608) 375-5429
Jason Hurda, Lineman
(608) 375-5429
Cory Murphy, Lineman
(608) 375-5429



Water Foreman, Hershel Marks Water Dept, Gary Farrell
Hershel Marks, Water Dept.
(608) 375-5429
Gary Farrell, Water Dept.



WWTP Operator, Jasen Kaschub WWTP - Matt Kunz WWTP - Mark Molldrem
Jasen Kaschub, WWTP Supervisor
(608) 375-4150
Matt Kunz, WWTP Operator
Mark Molldrem, WWTP Operator