Community Involvement

Being part of the community we serve is a role that Boscobel Utilities takes seriously. As your local utility, we work hard to be an active participant by lending a hand in community service projects and offering various educational programs.

We have pledged a strong commitment to, not only our customers, but to our community. Through a number of civic-minded activities, Boscobel Utilities has fostered strong relationships that help further our connection to the community.

If you would like to discuss programs available, please contact James Schwingle at (608) 375-5002 x107 or at (608) 438-0377 or by email: 

2016 Community Contributions:

GAR Hall Renovations, and the VFW Club

2015 Community Contributions:

Boscobel Swimming Pool Slide Fund and Boscobel Police Department K-9 Fund

2014 Community Contrbutions:

GAR Hall Renovations

2013 Community Contributions:

Boscobel Police Department Speed Trailer, Police K-9 Unit, and Boscobel Flood Relief received donations.

2012 Community Contributions:

Boscobel Utilities along with WPPI Energy installed new solar panels at Boscobel High School.  Solar Panel live data.Boscobel School District Solar Panel

Sonix Tool Company, Inc. received $1,620 toward a lighting project.

2011 Community Contributions:

Town & Country Sanitation Inc received $1,260 towards the installation of new energy efficient lighting in  their welding shop on Park Street.  

United Methodist Church received $108 toward lighting.

Boscobel Area Healthcare received $2,000 toward lighting.

The Blaine Gym was alloted $1,500 toward new lighting and other energy efficiency measures.

 2010 Community Contributions:

Boscobel Ice Skating Rink received $2,000 and Boscobel Developers received $6,000

2009 Community Contributions:

Boscobel Swimming Pool received $2,000 towards the Solar Heating Project and $6,000 was given to the Boscobel Developers

2008 Community Contributions:

City of Boscobel Park Board was given $1,500 towards playground equipment and Boscobel Developers received $6,000